well being groups instead of bubbles for isolated people

Existing well being groups used to help isolated people who perhaps had introverted personalities, or anxiety issues to socialise. In addition for many older lone people, activity groups are used this way. Meeting up over zoom or by telephone , or being asked to locate a person to form a bubble with can be completely intimidating for such people. The groups have had to close; I would like to see controlled reopening - perhaps the groups currently acting as hubs could organise lists of people, who would have to book, into sessions which would meet with social distancing in a town hall or library ( for example) to chat, or share a simple activity.

Why the contribution is important

Not everyone is able to deal with the idea of social bubbles, but many are very isolated and have no comfortable way of dealing with this. Activity groups could be kept to the same members once formed and create a sort of bubble for those of us who have had no contact for weeks

by black54 on May 10, 2020 at 07:12PM

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