What about the staff?

There is a lot of talk of children not contracting the virus as severely as adults or not suffering such serious complications. However, there are many staff in school who will.

In addition lots of staff who are not in a high risk or shielding category have children who are so what will be done to protect the families of school staff?

There has also been a lot of comments in the press and social media about how social distancing isn’t possible In schools and that seems to be acceptable. How will you ensure social distancing rules can be adhered to in schools?

Who will administer minor first aid ie plasters and Ice packs in primary school if staff have to social distance?

At the moment only desks and doors are cleaned in primary school classrooms. What about chairs, laptops, tablets, shared resources such as pencils and pens?

Why the contribution is important

I think my ideas/questions raise issues that n my au not have been considered.

by Er1nc on May 11, 2020 at 09:33PM

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