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Would it be practical or logical for the HSE or Independent bodies to assess work places that are re-opened or wishing to do so, to help ensure the measures they have in place meet the required standards or guidance? Many work places have re-opened and there seems some confusion. I have heard of instances where they have had emails from Scot Govt advising they can do so, others, where employers have taken it upon themselves to do so. Locally, I know of some workers who were felt pressurised into returning to work and have since left & been refurloughed due to their concerns and unwillingness to carry on. Another business has restarted as they are saying under UK govt advice, they can, but would not be able to under Scot Govt advise. The irony is, that they released a statement that they were Non-Essential and following Scot Govt advice. There is a tremendous pressure on businesses just now, and understandably they wish to restart, but, many shall not comply. It is profit before welfare. Workers are key in all this, and if they are aware or think employers are flouting or cutting corners, they shall simply be either unwilling to return, or shall do so without the will, which in turn shall not be great for the economy or productivity. A clearer signal from tge relevant Govt, that businesses are cleared to return to production is urgently needed. I do not believe that the public and businesses shall be so willing or compliant to return to lockdowns in future so it is crucial we get this right 1st time. Those jumping the gun could be ruining it all for everyone.

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As said before, To get this under control and managable 1st time, to stop businesses utilising loopholes to undermine current restrictions and to provide greater confidence to the wider piblic as we return to a new normal or whatever it may be.

by Bemused99 on May 05, 2020 at 01:30PM

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  • Posted by mina412 May 10, 2020 at 17:54

    More guidance is certainly needed for employers and employees. I do have one area of concern and this is unscrupulous employers. Some employers may say they will employ good practice as in PPE, good hand hygiene, cleaning and social distancing but how many actually will implement it? I am concerned about greater protection for all employees. I firmly believe that people who can and want to work from home should do so. I also believe places of employment should be inspected regularly (as in HSE) to make sure they are protecting their employees properly and not taking shortcuts. I also think there should be a dedicated phone line where people can anonymously report companies who are putting their employees at risk by not following proper hygiene and safety regulations. There should be penalties and accountability for unscrupulous companies/employers. This would perhaps need government legislation.
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