Would Borders Close ?

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If Boris Johnson decides on Sunday to commence a lifting of the Lockdown restrictions in England, and certain Industries restart working, with whatever Social Distancing regulations that they agree to, how will the other devolved Governments ensure that there is no transient movement of people across borders and then returning home at weekends when said other devolved areas would most likely still be in Lockdown. This would surely just increase the mammoth risk of reinfection of the virus ?

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It would therefore be important that if such a restriction was to return to work in certain industry areas in England that the Devolved countries should ensure that there are absolute restrictions enforced, and I mean enforced arrest and fines, about Transient workers crossing the border and that they would absolutely have to remain in said location where they are working and not return home at weekends and risk family and others or being Re-infected.

by MarcHannah on May 07, 2020 at 08:58AM

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