People can be allocated time periods during the day for shopping, exercise etc. The wristbands could be colour coded for certain periods of the day depending on their circumstance.
I’m a key worker so for instance, I could have a red wristband with a quarter of the band coloured green for shopping later or whatever I need to do in that allocated time. Another quarter of the band could be coloured for the period of day my working hours are.
That way there’s an element of control on how many people are on the street for social distancing etc.

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I think it’s important to fight this virus so we can all get back to our families, get the economy going and living our lives again. It might not be the best idea but limiting the amount of people on the streets at one time needs a level of control without being too stringent.

by Kirk on May 11, 2020 at 08:21PM

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