Young children can't social distance

I don't think sending any child below 13 back to school before summer holidays would be a good idea. Even if it was half day with class size split, the younger children have an auto and natural action to be close and would do it without realising even if teachers were trying to monitor them all the time. Children can be asymptomatic and if there were 10 or more children in the class it would spread back to family homes. Children also pick their nose without realising they are doing it and this would happen after they have touched surfaces or other children even after they have washed their hands. I think high school children could go back if they are clear on social distancing measures and faced punishment if they broke them but how hard would it be to stay 2m away from 2 or more best friends. I think that across the board school would be better staying closed until after summer holidays.

Why the contribution is important

It is important to stop the virus spreading from one child that could be asymptomatic to many families. children could spread it due to forgetting about not touching their face after touching doors, tables and other children.

by Wardster on May 11, 2020 at 09:32PM

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