Preparing for the world of work (16-18) Course

1. - A compulsory educational course for 16-18 group preparing them for leaving school and entering the world of work.  Subjects to include overview explanations of financial matters - Income Tax (PAYE), National Insurance Contributions, Pension Savings, Operating Bank Accounts, Household budgetting.


2. - An introductory course on entry routes into work - the pros and cons of Apprenticeships, Internships, Volunteering Experiences, University and Post Graduate Schemes. 


Why the contribution is important

1.  For option 1 - the object of the above is to make young people more financially savvy and enable them to make better financial decisions during their lives to prevent the problems of debt and reliance on welfare.

2. For no.2 too much emphasis has been placed in secondary education in recent years on the importance of attending university to the detriment of exploring other ways into the world of work for those whom university may not be suitable at this stage in their lives; thus young people can become more aware of other options open to them.  Employers who offer any of these options should be invited into schools to discuss the possibilities of following these career routes enabling young people to be better empowered to consider their futures.

by mack14 on October 26, 2015 at 08:20PM

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