Better team working between NHS boards and and the rest of the uk

Common useage of equipment and methods to bring the costs down and promote better practice for everybody

Why the contribution is important

For example :- Currently the Scottish NHS have very little commonality in audiology systems -- different areas of Scotland use different hearing equipment and also do not use the same as the rest of the UK.  This is crazy and allows over charging from suppliers and people moving from one area to another have to be retested and re-equipped, therefore wasting time and resouces.  Lack of drop in clinics available elswhere also make it difficult for patients who have to travel long distances.  Better practices in other parts of the UK are ignored, as Scotland has its own , often more expensive ways of doing things.  Continuity in the UK, would enable bulk purchasing and getting it right easier for everyone.

This is only one part of the NHS system. The idea applies to many others.

by Pedros on January 19, 2016 at 05:41PM

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