Rebrand NHS Scotland

Change the name to the Scottish Health Service.
Since devolution, there have been increasing differences between NHS services in Scotland, England and Wales. This results in confusion and misconceptions when simply "The NHS" is referred to in UK media and in general conversation.

We saw a similar example with rebranding recently, as geographical confusion was given as the main reason for the renaming of the new "Queen Elizabeth University Hospital - as the initial "South Glasgow University Hospital" did not accurately reflect the wider community it serves.

Why the contribution is important

The NHS in England is under severe public dissatisfaction due to increasing commercialisation, junior doctors strikes, hospital waiting times etc.
Due to the similar name, staff in Scotland are often unfairly 'tarred with the same brush' - with an increased chance of public disapproval and staff demoralisation.

In addition, during the referendum it became clear that many people were under the impression that NHS Scotland was simply a sub-division of a bigger UK NHS, and couldn't afford to survive on its own. With income tax devolution on the way, it is important for accountability that the public are aware that NHS Scotland is funded and managed in Scotland.



by SALTIRE1 on March 14, 2016 at 11:16PM

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