Resilient individuals and resilient communities

It is important that people do not have unreasonable expectations about what services can be provided for them. Instead there could be a focus on encouraging and enabling people to take responsibility for their own health and health risk.

This was closely linked to prevention, but not everything can be prevented; resilience can help people to cope with problems that do occur. Given the importance of resilient communities, perhaps we should be employing more community workers rather than more traditional ‘health’ staff.

A lack of community nowadays means that people do not always have the helping hands they once did. Services can try and step into this gap, but we can also focus on building communities themselves. There was an example given of an estate where it was two mothers who really made the difference to their community and its problems.

Why the contribution is important

This is important because with declining community people lack helping hands.

Building resilience can help people cope with what problems occur. People can also be facilitated to take responsibility for their own health and health risks.

by FairerScotlandAdmin2 on October 26, 2015 at 04:54PM

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  • Posted by Cewing7 November 13, 2015 at 11:05

    Community capacity is crucial for resilience, the power of ownership and responsibility can create huge impact on our health and well-being.

    There are many Intergenerational approaches which have seen both older and younger people over come social isolation and loneliness by coming together to understand the needs of each other. If a younger person has the understanding and empathy towards difficulties of ageing then they are more likely to stand up help make a difference with community support.
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