Lone Parent Families

Particular attention should be given to the housing of lone parent families who are particularly vulnerable on multiple aspects. 

While measures have been put in place for male only tenements bo regard whatsoever is given to lone parent families especially when it's a mother alone with her child/children.

Often they don't have any support and have to tussle with the children between school runs, work and shopping and returning home after dark.

Housing them in problematic areas or where there's dense 3 am pub licencing, addiction therapy centres, methadone distribution and homeless hostels inevitable exposes them to danger, neighbourhood disturbance all through the night that affects concentration and health adversely.

To assure children from lone parent families have the same life chances of their peers they need to leave in a safe, dignified home where they can pursue their studies, cultivate healthy social relations and play.

Why the contribution is important

A child like mine who's also alone in caring for me as I'm I'll managed to get a full bursary in a Private school.

Ever since we came into our new accommodation he has lost concentration, is tired in class and he's marks are slipping. He's so frightened of the brawls outside all night that he won't sleep in his bed and at 12yrs he's come back to sleep in my bed. He wakes calling out terrified that we're being attacked and doesn't recall it at all.

I've had to buy him a personal alarm to wear on his wrist and had to stop certain after school activities for his safety.

Between my son and I despite my illness we have done everything in our possibility to give him that fair chance in life. Edinburgh Council has completely abandoned us and is dismantling our efforts.

We are fortunate we have his school. I can't even bear to think of other children in his same condition who don't have at least that protection. If there's a true will to help these children it has to start with a dignified safe home in an area where they won't be bullied, harassed and exposed social misconduct.

by Carole on October 29, 2015 at 04:02PM

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