Private landlords should have the same standards as local authority housing

The standardisation of regulation between housing associations, councils and the private rented sector was a high priority. Landlords do a poor job of maintaining properties. Repairs can take a long time so there should be regulatory standards, and rents should be controlled. Deposits should also be protected to prevent the arbitrary retention by abusive private landlords. There also needs to be access to information about rights easily accessible even by people who aren’t engaged or are unwell or disabled. Selling off social housing should be discouraged, and security of tenure was important.


Why the contribution is important

This is important because people are being disadvantaged by landlords in the private rented sector. Housing is poor quality and there is no redress against bad landlords. There must be protection from exploitation.

by FairerScotlandAdmin2 on January 13, 2016 at 10:07AM

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