Third Sector Work Coops as PA service providers

To create employment for disadvantaged categories;


Long Term Unemployed

Diversly Able

Women reentering employment after care duties


The creation of small, local service focused non profit cooperatives has worked in other EU Nations integrated with an as hoc training for the service proposed.

It's insane spending billions on tax shy US multinationals to run our public services and violate every workers right un punished while able people are being humiliated at food banks.

Take a small mixed co-op of diversly able, youth and women post care duties. Give them training on office services delivery and HSR. They form a cooperative that can replace Sodexo at the Scottish Enterprises Offices and commit from within to respect work life balance and flexibility.

Why the contribution is important

With a much lower budget than that forked out to multinationals Scot Gov could have a win win situation.

Provide training to acquire competencies

Provide quality employment to those at high risk of exclusion

Guarantee better working conditions and flexibility as core principle

Access ESF co funding to kickstart the project through skills Scotland

Eliminate the slavery of pointless work programmes, circles of sanctions and zero hour contracts

Empowers the involved with their ownership of their venture

We already have very active communities and I'm certain ideas will be varied and surprising across Scotland on the basis of local needs including Green Energy, child care and community services.

by Carole on October 29, 2015 at 04:26PM

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