A country of custodians

I propose that all private large shooting estates are nationalised and the people of Scotland are offered parcels of land to be custodians. As custodians there is no land rights, no ownership, but an opportunity to revitalise the Scottish environment. Custodian role would involve:

permission to build a basic hut that does not involve any services, but can include sustainably powered energy (wind/solar etc) onsite;

no chemical toilets, but advice and guidance on sustainable alternatives;

tree planting programme as a central part of the custodian agreement;

promotion of wildflower planting or sustainable agriculture;

no pesticides or non organic fertilizers and all within guidance levels;

fencing not permissible other than to protect saplings;

hedges would be allowed


Why the contribution is important

it would promote a common and collective link to the land that has been refused many urban families for generations;

it would revitalise an environment that has been artificially stunted

it would encourage families to spend time and money in rural communities across the highlands and islands

it would increase the cohesiveness of Scottish society and promote a greater understanding of the unique properties and challenges of rural life and communities

by Micavanagh on October 30, 2015 at 06:31PM

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