A Citizen's Income

A universal regular cash payment to each citizen of Scotland, paid irrespective of income, previous or current employment and without sanction based solely on residence within Scotland.

Why the contribution is important

Looking at some of the other issues raised on welfare it seems that a citizen's income would help eradicate stigma, encourage quality better paid work, support carers, encourage voluntary work stimulate local economies and promote ideas of citizenship rights and responsibilities, as well as allow those in paid employment to take up further study and enhance their skills, closing the skills gap that Scotland currently has..

While many other welfare outcomes negatively impact on women due to their dual position as providers and carers, a CBI would support women, and by extension Scotland's children who would benefit also as their parents would experience less financial instability, thereby increasing their life chances. 

by j1ntybro on October 26, 2015 at 12:04PM

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