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Where independent assessments are required, the provider should ensure that there are sufficient and suitable facilities to meet the needs of claimants. Thereshould be an immediate end to claimants having to travel long distances (e.g. Falkirk to Edinburgh/Glasgow) on public transport for an assessment. In 2014 there were only 263 PIP assessments in the local Falkirk Venue, whereas 1943 took place in the Stirling PIP assessment venue

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There appears to be a distinct lack of communication/co-ordination between DWP and Atos. For example, in a recent case Atos accepted the need for a local appointment for the assessment and this was arranged for circa one month later (24.6.15). Before this could happen the DWP wrote to Atos advising the assessment would have to be seen by 23.6.15. Atos therefore cancelled the assessment for 24.6.15 and arranged another in Edinburgh for 19.6.15. Client could not cope with travelling to Edinburgh and therefore did not attend. For the sake of one day there will now be substantial costs for DWP, Atos and the Council as my team tries to unravel the whole debacle

by Paula on December 23, 2015 at 04:49PM

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