Welfare Powers


Carers Allowance should remain a discrete benefit, separate from Universal Credit, and without means-testing, e.g. as in its present form. Moving it to a means-tested model would financially penalise customers who would otherwise not be entitled to UC (e.g. in a relationship where joint income would exceed the threshold for eligibility) and de-values the effort and role carers play in reducing the burden on health and social care services. CA should be paid at a much higher rate in recognition of the amount of work that is actually done by carers

Why the contribution is important

If the Housing Element cannot automatically be paid to the landlord, at least make it the default option. Thus allowing the claimant to opt to pay their own rent if they so wish


Ensure sufficient local resources to assist tenants who fall into difficulty.


Ensure robust management of rent accounts to identify at the earliest stage where a problem may exist or be getting worse



by Paula on December 23, 2015 at 04:55PM

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