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Revision of the claimant commitment and sanctions.  CC should be more structured taking on board the individual’s actual circumstances and abilities.  This should, in theory, then automatically reflect on less inappropriate sanctions being applied



Why the contribution is important


Whilst the UC delivery model envisages monthly benefit payments, it is suggested that this should only apply to those claimants who are in-work, or have a partner who is in work, where the claimant group will be more accustomed to monthly payments; other claimant groups should retain fortnightly payments, with the option to move to monthly payments when they are confident to manage their budgeting skills


The outcomes for Short Term Benefit Advances have been poor and are demonstrably ineffective in terms of uptake. The process has been principally one of BC staff taking the initiative, or the claimant purposefully asking for one. Whilst the tax credits system has highlighted how difficult it can be in making payments pending full details of the claimant’s income, it would be prudent for those claimants not in work to be offered an initial payment on account which could be reconciled on the closure of their claim as their income is unlikely to change significantly. There is already evidence of fictitious rule-making within UC Service Centres that requests made 21 days after opening the claim are being refused


by Paula on December 23, 2015 at 04:56PM

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