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The work programme lasts for 2 years. Even where a claimant moves from ESA (WRAG) to ESA(SG) they remain in the work programme. Although there is no longer any conditionality requirement and no risk of sanction the provider will continue to try and engage with the claimant on a regular basis (usually monthly be telephone). This is a waste of resource and can be quite distressing for claimants, particularly for people with mental health problems

Why the contribution is important


Work Programme providers should have a minimum requirement to deliver services via a reasonable mixture of channels which are aligned to the claimant’s health or disabilities, e.g. a requirement to provide telephone or digital contact as a suitable delivery channel where the claimant’s mental health renders face-to-face participation an unreasonable requirement


Participation in the Work Programme should have the option to waive or defer in circumstances where immediate participation would otherwise not provide a real or significant chance of improving the claimant’s work prospects at the present time, e.g. the claimant is awaiting hospital treatment but is otherwise unable to move out of conditionality

Work Programme opportunities should be reasonably aligned to the claimant’s previous occupational history, skill-set and aspirations in order to reduce resistance to full engagement, and to ensure that a proper and vigorous complaints process is embedded where the claimant is directed to inappropriate opportunities. This will ensure that dignity and respect are firmly entrenched within the system.




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