The consultation on the proposed conservation measures to introduce a licensing system for the killing of any wild salmon in Scotland together with associated carcass tagging regulations and baits and lures regulations closed on 30 April. The proposed measures would apply solely to salmon and not to sea trout

Over 600 replies to the consultation were received. Analysis of the responses is being carried out. Responses (if permission has been given by the respondent) will be published on the Marine Scotland website in due course.

The proposal for a “kill licence” was one of the recommendations of the Wild Fisheries Review (WFR) report published in October 2014 and part of the wider on-going Wild Fisheries Reform programme which is set out in the current consultation on the Scottish Government’s response to the WFR.

Earlier today, through national newspapers, Ministers advertised their intention to create a licensing system and carcass tagging regime as well as a prohibition on the killing of salmon out-with estuary limits through regulations. In doing so , this provides an opportunity for interested parties to make any representations and objections within 28 days.

To assist that process we are launching this weeklong interactive discussion  (ending Wednesday 29 July) on the detail of the scheme and some of the common messages and themes emerging from the consultation process. This is an open forum where you should feel comfortable to share and discuss your views on these important issues. While we will look to ask some specific questions which are contained within the various idea boxes, we anticipate the discussion will develop into different issues directly related to this proposal. In those circumstances, further idea boxes can be created using the “submit an idea” box on the right hand side of the page

We should point out that the text contained in the early idea boxes represent our current thinking on the way in which the kill licence and associated regulations would work should they be implemented. They are: