Central Control by SNP

It is only natural for the SNP, aka (for now) the Scottish Government, to decide on the answer and then to ask for ideas and to consult. They've been doing it for years and it's become their normal way to behave. They also don't like it when consultations bring out answers they don't like so they manipulate the figures and tell lies about the support for their ideas. Another wheeze is to ask for thoughts during the holidays when the 'enemy' might be away. And watch out for the cyber-bullies if you dare to raise your head above the parapet and tell them the truth!

Sticks not carrots - that's how they do it. If they don't like it, you can't do it and we'll put you in jail if you disagree. Andrew Thin's remit to disenfranchise the riparian owners and their like (because they're obviously all English and rich and horrid) leads directly to central control of fisheries, their methods, their dates and so on.

Expect more of the same because SG are losing the scientific argument so, like any 11 year old, shouting and lashing out becomes the argument. They're the big boys in the playground so we have to do as we're telt.

Why the contribution is important

Because not everyone has yet noticed the obvious truth.

by jimbob on July 27, 2015 at 05:46PM

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