Concerns about how SG will define geographical limits of rivers to calculate "harvestable surpluses" where a main river may have many sub rivers.

I am concerned that the SG/ Marine Scotland will calculate a "harvestable surplus" based on an average of many sub rivers of a main river catchment, and this will impact poorer rivers.

For example, the River Forth has 10 sub-rivers in total, and all will have different salmon populations and therefore will have different "harvestable surpluses" and some of course may have no "harvestable surplus" at all, in fact the majority probably won't have.

The River Teith SAC is a sub river of the River Forth, and being the most productive will almost definately have a harvestable surplus.  Whereas the River Carron almost certainly will not.

Furthermore, many of these sub rivers have their own individual tidal estuaries which flow into the main Forth Estuary.  The River Carron is one such example.

Although the proposal is to stop coastal netting, the SG / Marine Scotland must consider putting legislation in place to assure that any in-estuary netting is done upstream/above the sub-river confluence so to ensure adult returning salmon from "lower  entering" sub rivers with zero harvestable surpluses are not netted before they reach their river of origin.

For example, if the SG was to decide the River Carron (Forth sub river with it's own tidal estuary) has no harvestable surplus, then the SG should create legislation to ensure in-estuary netting (or in-river netting) should be carried out well upstream of the River Carron confluence.

Harvestable surplus calculations should be made river specific (based on genetic strains for each river).  Marine Scotland already acknowledge that each river had it's own strain of salmon and the fish stocking licence legislation alludes to stocking of salmon from the same river if origin, so it makes sense to base the harvestable surplus calculation on the same philosophy.


Why the contribution is important

To ensure "at risk" salmon populations are given full attention.

by Electrofisher on July 24, 2015 at 10:30PM

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