Embrace the Licence to Kill Salmon

At last the Scottish Government has become involved in Salmon fishing and that should be embraced to hopefully take it forward for the future. It is however very important that people with experience make the decisions to get things right as currently with less than 5% of salmon returning to our rivers everything is very fragile.


It is well known by experienced fishermen that only a small percentage of salmon are caught by rod anglers (maybe less than 10% on most rivers but in the case of the Tay even less due to its size. I hear people say that Catch and Release will not sort the problems, which are true, but it cannot do any harm, as a dead salmon certainly will not spawn. When return rates are at an all time low every fish returned must help and put more young fish to sea. The sceptics sight the Dee and try to knock everyone’s efforts to try to return as many fish as possible but they clearly have other problems in their harbour area with Dolphins. Clearly that is a serous problem and extremely difficult to deal with. A whole rural community is dying in Aberdeenshire.


On the methods and baits, it is not the lures that are the problem but the whole process of Catch and release. Despite all the literature out there on web sites etc anglers still cannot grasp how to release fish properly. Anglers are not thinking about the fish and that is clearly the case amongst some ghillies on well known beats on the big four rivers who should know better. Handling fish is not recommended and you continually see that on social media sites. Boat fishing brings an even bigger situation to grasp and clearly it is not being done properly in many situations. If we are serious about saving salmon we need to pay far more attention to this otherwise it is a waste of time. Experts know C & R is only scraping the surface to save the salmon but if it is done properly these precious fish will go on to breed which must help our dwindling stocks. Maybe part of the money raised by tagging can be directed in further education.


It is vital this whole issue is thought out properly before implementation as it will be the anglers contribution back the rivers for the future.  Most accept that currently but there is still a hard core who can't do it infuriating the majority.

Why the contribution is important

This idea is vital for our rivers and unfortunately not everyone can embrace Catch and Release on a voluntary basis. There has to be rules to guide everyone in the correct direction until we can get a surplus back into our rivers. We may have a sustainable recourse according to the scientists but it is certainly not commercially viable in many places now and jobs are on the line.

by Tayghillie on July 27, 2015 at 07:48PM

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