Exclude the Tweed from these proposals

The River Tweed Commision has undisputably proven its ability to effectively manage the river Tweed for the past 200 years, with consistantly healthy stocks of spawning fish and high levels of par and smolt production, coupled with protection of Spring Salmon up to 31st June.  Salmon can be killed from 1st July, but due to a high level of voluntary C&R and anglers generally selecting only a clean male fish for the table, there is no detrimental effect on fish stocks made by angling on Tweed. The Tweed produces a significant harvestable surplus annually. These facts can be proven scientifically by the Tweed Foundation, therefore, there is no justifiable reason to apply a kill license and tagging on Tweed.

thanks to the RTC and the Tweed Foundation, the river Tweed is generally acknowledged to be the best managed river in Europe. 

I understand the Scottish Government is worried about a potential fine from Europe for not ensuring an effective management structure is in place for Atlantic Salmon. This is in place on Tweed and as long as the RTC is answerable to the SG then they have nothing to fear from Europe.

The RTC was set up because of the complexity of managing a cross border river. That is still the case, therefore, it would be prudent, if it was left to those that have the knowledge, ability and experience to continue that good work.

Why the contribution is important

Doing away with a proven and effective management structure, only to replace it with an unproven, significantly more expensive, unscientific and highly unpopular replacement is not something that would be generally regarded as sensible or responsible behaviour.


by tweedfisher on July 27, 2015 at 01:15PM

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  • Posted by westwind51 July 27, 2015 at 22:06

    Presently, there are many systems that have improving runs of salmon, are well managed and have catch and return rates of 75+%. In these cases the principle of "if it ain't broke--no need to fix it" should apply.
  • Posted by tweedfisher July 28, 2015 at 01:19

    I only feel qualified to comment on the Tweed, but I am sure, there are many other rivers, that are also sufficiently well managed by their local Boards, to prove their ability, to be left to make these decisions themselves, using local knowledge, understanding and science to appropriately conserve their stocks, without being told what is best, by some central authority using only statistics to calculate kill licenses.
    This kill license for rod caught fish should be delayed until the reform process is concluded and not rushed through unnecessarily when there is clearly so much at stake.
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