How much will tags cost and how many fish can be kept

The SG want "to be confident that everyone who would be affected by the proposals or who would be interested ....  felt sufficiently informed to be able to put in a response".

Most anglers/fisheries need to know 2 simple facts in order to assess if this proposal will affect them.  1. How many fish can be kept by their fishery/fisheries. 2. How much will each tag cost (including application and administration costs).  This information is not provided even though it must already be available, even in draft form, if this system is to start in September.  This leads to a strong suspicion that the costs will be very high and very few fish will be allowed to be kept.

Please provide information on costs and kill limts for fisheries ASAP, and certainly before the consultation process ends, and keep the online discussion open until then as this information could have a major impact on respondents views.

Why the contribution is important

The failure to disclose this key information means that nobody has been "sufficiently informed to be able to put in a response".  In order to put in a response respondents need to know how much extra their fishing will cost them and whether they will be allowed to keep what they catch.

by Pharma on July 26, 2015 at 12:04PM

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  • Posted by tweedfisher July 26, 2015 at 18:12

    Yes as Pharma says, these costs must have already been worked out or at least an approximate figure. By withholding this vital information it certainly arouses suspicion.
    It would certainly be helpfull for everyone to know this in order to respond fully.
  • Posted by scaredforsalmon July 29, 2015 at 12:07

    It would be good to know these things I agree. In the end though it hardly matters, as our response will either be taken into consideration or not, probably not and then it is up to each individual to decide whether they can a) afford it
    and b) whether it is worth the money to them as an individual.

    The sustainability of killing any fish at any time and under any conditions or regulation is a matter of conscience as much as anything else.
    Management organisations however do need to know in advance so they can pass on the charges to their members/clients.
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