let nature take its course

Let nature take its course,yes but there is a few easy things we can do.

1.Get rid of all netting stations,letting all the fish return to there place of birth.

2.Have a cull on seals and keep them under control like what happens to deer

3.Get rid of all sea birds that have come inland that devour our smolts and parr.

4 Let all individual clubs do there own tagging system and catch and release policy.

5.Dont bring in new laws that are unworkable,police are not interested in charging someone with an untagged salmon,and by the time they arrive the person is long gone.

Why the contribution is important

Its simple and could work,new laws need to be enforced and this is easier said than done.

by mrgordon on July 25, 2015 at 01:53PM

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  • Posted by Tweeddale July 28, 2015 at 09:14

    This looks like a very simplistic response to what is a likely to be a very complex problem with salmon stocks. None of these things are 'easy', and more importantly nor are they necessarily acceptable.

    Government appear to have taken a very bold move in proposing to ban all coastal netting - on the basis that it cannot be shown to be sustainable. A difficult decision, politically, but I think the right one. Such a scenario would have been unbelievable if you'd said that to me 2 years ago.

    I recognise that the detail on how the licensing system for taking fish is very important for anglers - and rightly so. The system will, in my view, have to be easy for owners to use and anglers to access, be of minimal cost and allow sensible take of fish where that is sustainable.

    Let's not forget the plight of some rivers, particularly on the West Coast, that are likely to be be close to or below any form of sustainable harvest.
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