Marinescience-can you guys just come clean.

I think it's contemtible the way Marinescience is responding to genuine concerns and questions, I've never seem so many condescending and contrite responses on any open forum.

We have genuine anglers, who see salmon fishing as a huge part of their lives being treated with snippet responses which add absolutely no clarity to the discussion. All your responses have been vague and evasive.

You obviously have a framework already in place, please share it and allow some genuine discussion, othewise to my mind  this forum a complete sham.

Why the contribution is important

Tell us who you guys are.

Where are you based?

What are your job titles?

What is your remit?

What experience of fisheries management do you have?

Who do you report to?

Give some honest answers.

by Riverman on July 27, 2015 at 09:07PM

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