Overview of comments/discussion from 23 July 2015

Marine Scotland posted six core ideas as part of the launch.  Overall these ideas generated significant comment and discussion. 

Six new “ideas” were posted by participants in the dialogue.  Four were focused on the kill licence.  Two of these included making suggestions for the calculation of harvestable surplus, and initiating discussion about the timescales involved in implementing kill licences.  One suggestion was to scrap the kill licence proposal, and to use the resources to conduct research aimed at identifying the cause(s) underlying salmon stock declines.  Another was to designate salmon as a “sport fish”, with a complete ban on killing, as an alternative to the kill licence proposal.

The impact of activities, other than angling and netting, on salmon stocks was also raised.  One new idea suggested extending the scope of the Wild Fisheries Review to consider the impacts of fish farming and predation on salmon fishery management.  Another suggested that licensing should extend to all activities that affect wild salmon stocks, both directly and indirectly.

Discussion about the kill licence focused around:

  • the calculation of harvestable surplus
  • definitions of estuary limits
  • the timescales involved in the kill licence and how this would affect forward business planning
  • the speed at which this proposal is being progressed
  • the potential for an increase in the number of salmon killed (to accord with harvestable surplus)
  • the cost of purchasing a kill licence

There was also a significant amount of discussion, which reflected responses made to the salmon kill licence consultation, about wider issues such as: the need for evidence; the reasons for decline in wild salmon stocks; the need for enforcement; the potential effects on business; the advantages of fisheries management at the local level; and whether the kill licence constituted a “tax by stealth”.

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To give everyone a summary of the discussions that have taken place on a day-by-day basis.

by marinescotland4 on July 24, 2015 at 03:30PM

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  • Posted by Scottishangler July 24, 2015 at 16:02

    Carcass Tagging

    It is perhaps worth noting that the idea of carcass tagging attracted a fair number of comments and appeared to be rated very poorly. You have omitted mention of this in your summary.
  • Posted by marinescotland4 July 24, 2015 at 16:21

    Thank you Scottishangler. Unfortunately an idea can't be amended once submitted, and I pressed "submit" too soon! You are absolutely right that there have been several comments about carcass tagging - there has also been a fair amount of discussion around charging. My apologies to all.
  • Posted by garavogue July 25, 2015 at 19:43

    I run a small fishing business and the extra costs involved in applying for each fishery to have tags will be a disincentive to apply. I own a few beats, most of which are lightly fished, which of course is a good conservation measure in itself. Salmon fishing business’s such as mine are already under financial pressure and if government think it will have no financial implications for small business/ beats then they have simply not understood these pressures.


    Lets take for example an angling club. How are they going to allocate tags between all their members (maybe 120-160 members for an average size club) and then try and allocate tags for visiting anglers as well. It beggars belief that Government want to introduce such a complex system (which they probably don’t fully understand) to an industry (that they don’t fully understand) that in recent years has been highly successful at conservation- often returning 80% of their catch.


    The system will break down, it will be a logistical nightmare for clubs/ Beats and business and will of course be a huge financial burden - Both paying for the tags and applying for the licence. Tags will be lost and not handed back when not used (my guests regularly loose their car keys phone and fishing tackle) .It will end with clubs and fisheries getting disillusioned and simply abandoning applying for licenses in future. All well and good – perhaps this is what government wants ??
  • Posted by bradan July 26, 2015 at 08:16

    marinescotland4 - how on earth can anglers have trust in this being an open and honest process when we get fobbed off with things like this

    "Unfortunately an idea can't be amended once submitted, and I pressed "submit" too soon!You are absolutely right that there have been several comments about carcass tagging - there has also been a fair amount of discussion around charging. My apologies to all."

    Absolutely outrageous and completely unacceptable. Call yourself a professional organisation - get real and get a grip!
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