Predation and marine survival

To focus on rod caught fish as a means to conservation is completely misplaced particularly so now that most rivers  practice extensive if not complete catch and release.


The real villain in the piece is marine survival - banning netting will help, but rates of return to the rivers by smolts has dropped from as much as 30% to 2.5%.  You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see the problem here - marine survival is complicated by sea temperatures rising and the consequent displacement of natural food supplies, but also by the burgeoning numbers of predators, many of which whilst not under threat are protected, whilst the salmon stocks of which they take large numbers are collapsing in numbers.  The seal population in particular has exploded and, as with any other species, needs to be controlled.


The emphasis on licencing the killing of salmon will have a neglible impact on stocks.  Far more urgent attention is required to the much greater threat at sea - the time, effort and money wasted on licencing proposals should be much more effectively deployed to address these greater problems.

Why the contribution is important

Keen salmon fisherman want nothing more than to see healthy stocks in the rivers.  But the impact of taking fish by rod is minimal to the overall issue with the collapse of the salmon population.  The proposals are a misguided watse of time and effort while the real problems are simply not addressed.

by mhewett on July 25, 2015 at 09:29AM

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