Retention of river boards

Retain River boards that have managed to hit return and habitat targets that can be set by government . rivers that dont make targets for retuning fish and habitat work should go under government guidlines until they make the targets required to preserve salmon fishing on all scottish waters . It is unfair to punish all anglers  for the few neandrathall fishermen that still want to kill all they catch.

Why the contribution is important

Boards have a more hands on approach and are closer to the river through members to act quickly to resolve issues and take action to rectify these .Some boards have strived over numerous yers to improve angling on their rivers and promote good catch and release practices . and importance of looking after spawning grounds . who will take responsibility for these works when boards are dissolved .At present board and club members cary out these activities voluntarily as they have a direct say in their actions . will this continue under government control ???????

by GordonTodd on July 24, 2015 at 12:43PM

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