Seatrout Tagging must be included in Carcass Tagging

Seatrout must be included as part of Carcass Tagging as they are even more at risk as Salmon in all our rivers. There has been a serious decline in Seatrout numbers over the past decade and will continue into the future if nothing is done and they are left of the list.

Anglers have taken their responsibility in their angling efforts to restore Seatrout and Salmon numbers with Catch & Release in may if not all rivers in Scotland and only now see small benefits in returning numbers of Seatrout, but declining numbers of Salmon. If Seatrout are excluded I can see commercial fishery owners targeting Seatrout in high numbers to their detriment.

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I suggest Seatrout will be a target of commercial fisheries if not included in the Carcass Tagging

by donwader on July 28, 2015 at 04:05PM

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