Tagging salmon

Tagging in principal is a good idea under proper management . I Believe a license for 2 fish maximum per angler be considered per season ,Ireland and norways policy works welll where individuals apply for their license . to have riparian owners apply makes it very difficult for clubs and syndicate waters where the number of tags will be proportional to the killed catches on the river as a whole .this way clubs and riparian owners will not have costs incurred that cant be recovered.

Why the contribution is important

The cost of purchasing tags should bve incurred directly by the angler looking to take a fish home and not on to clubs /riparian owners , I believe that unused tags shall not be reinbursed to the purchasers which would incurr unneccesary costs to clubs / riparian owners , for example the last 2 seasons have been poor angling in ayrshire due to lack of rainfall making angling possible as a result catches have been well down on the normal ,this would have resulted in unused tags being purchased as a lost to the clubs . This is not a good practise to adopt and wouyld make clubs weary of purchasing tags at a loss each season , whereas if an individual wants the ability to retain a fish then they take the chance on their own back to purchase tags and if they dont catch retainable fish it is at their own loss which would make anglers think more about killing salmon in the first place if it is going to cost £x without a gaurantee of return .


by GordonTodd on July 24, 2015 at 01:09PM

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  • Posted by mmb051 July 26, 2015 at 15:45

    The trouble is, 'proper management' doesn't exist on many rivers in the UK and overseas and it's certainly not true on many Norwegian rivers as you claim. It is relatively easy to kill and remove a fish on beats where no ghillies are present, although you run the risk of breaking the law of course. In the majority of cases the presence of a resposible ghillie ensures local rules are adhered to.
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