Unnecessary Bureaucracy

The Scottish Governement is obviously spending a lot of money on their new legislation which is not required in the first place. I feel it is a repeat of the Hunting Legislation.

Salmon fishers and the riparian owners(SF&RO) of the rivers all have the same aim - to preserve the wild salmon, fishers so there are fish still to catch and riparian owners to keep the value of their river increasing. Currently they are being very sucessful with the Tweed leading the way in being probably the best maintained salmon river in the world at no cost to the taxpayer.  In conclusion SF&RO are doing all that is needed to safe guard the salmon in the rivers and are spening a lot of money already in doing this, especially buying out the Nets in the rivers and in the estuaries.  Changing laws will not improve the situation.

Why the contribution is important

The urgent requirements to preserve our salmon are:

1) Discover more about what happens to the salmon when they are at sea.

2) Get rid of all the nets and inshore multi estuary fishing rights.

3) Control the salmons preditors.

4) Tighter controls on Fish Farms.

The above areas are what the Scottish Government should be concentrating on, and not the river fishermen who already have a very good voluntry code for conserving salmon or the Riparian Owners who already  spend considerable funds to conserve and improve the salmon fishing under their control.


by Dimmers on July 24, 2015 at 03:23PM

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