Will carcass tags be transferable? And what measures will SG put on place to ensure a market imbalance doesn't occur?

Let's assume a proprietor "X" of a salmon fishings on River "X" gains a kill licence to purchase 100 tags per season, and a proprietor "Y" of a different salmon fishings on a different River "Y" 50 miles away, gains a kill licence to purchase 100 carcass tags.

Proprietor X uses lots of carcass tags in spring and summer, whereas proprietor Y does not, and has lots left for the back end, as he has asked his clients to hand them back to him if unused. At the back end he advertises to the public  "look I have lots of kill tags left". His bookings go through the roof and poor proprietor X gets no bookings as he is all out of tags.

Very likely. Simple supply and demand.

Also not very fair. Tags should be issued to anglers on a one way non returnable basis. They should not be transferable nor recyclable by the proprietors/ fishing rights / permit sellers.


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To ensure the tagging scheme does not create unfair trading situations.

by Electrofisher on July 26, 2015 at 11:33PM

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  • Posted by RogerDowald July 27, 2015 at 07:12

    Doesn't the approach of issuing tags on a one-way non-returnable basis encourage anglers to kill their first fish? One would have to assume that tags would be non-transferable between river systems - but perhaps they could be transferable between fisheries on the same river (as their issue would be justified/based on the harvestable stock surplus of that system).
  • Posted by Electrofisher July 27, 2015 at 07:45

    I wouldn't think so. A one way system would most likely reduce the number if fish killed, as the result would simply depend on the conditions of the day as is the situation at the moment.

    Any form of transfer either between anglers to anglers, anglers back to proprietors, beat to beat will lead to more fish actually being killed.

    That's why a one way system would be better for preserving and improving salmon populations.

    Likewise, net operators should not be alb to transfer tags to other newsmen or made up subsiduary companies or organisations specifically designed to maximise kill revenue or beat quota via loopholes.

    Any form of allowable transfer would create an unfair market place in the salmon angling industry and also will most likely create a situation where tags could be bought or sold between beat owners or nets men.

    Maybe someone should set up a new website and call it "TagPal" instead if Fishpal !
  • Posted by marinescotland1 July 27, 2015 at 17:18

    Licences and tags will be particular to the fishery.They would not be transferable. It would be very much for the fishery to determine how and when they are deployed.
  • Posted by garavogue July 27, 2015 at 20:34

    Marine Scotland 1? What if one proprietor owns more than one beat on the same river where one beat his fished more than the others? Given the fact you are answering on how these systems would work reads as though this is a given and you already have the formalities planned out?
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