customised approach toward addiction

people, specially young generation starts addiction out of fun. this starts mostly out of curiocity at school or at work place and they get involved in it and are unable to come out of their habbit. With time, they need to increase the dose of their drug which may start as a curious smoking or let me try type of attitude.


With time, they get used to it and continue. Lots of time, they are unaware about how serious their problem is and do not know where to go. I met people, who like to get out of it but finds it hard due to lack of customised care. at time they feel, they are left out and their GP would not listen to them and do not care about their problem but to just continue giving them the prescription.


If we have a one to one ; customised approach toward this issue, then people would be benefited and would manage to come out of their addiction and would be able to start a new life. would manage to continue their study, job and life.

Why the contribution is important

As mentioned above, young generation are getting addicted to drug and are at a loss about what they can and could do. Having one to one approach with customised service, listening to their problem and agree upon a protocol and taking consideration of their situation would save these young generation, their life, study, job and family live.

by drkabir on November 19, 2015 at 03:43PM

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