Improving healthy lifestyles for everyone

Create facilities where people from all walks of life can go along and  do a range of physical and social actitivies which would encourage improvements in lifestyle such as increased physical activity and learning skills such as cooking and healthy eating.

Invite communities to a meeting to discuss what they want and ask for volunteers to get things started. Older people, unemployed and lonely people may find that by offering their time they find new meaning to their life and gain great satisfaction in knowing they are making a difference in their community.

Families I work with often say that they would like to have somewhere they can go as a family to do activities to keep fit and healthy but there's just not much out there.

This is especially important in winter time when families often spend long periods of time at home watching TV and other sedentary activities as the weather along with dark nights does not make it desirable to want to go outdoors. Having this kind of facility may encourage good community spirit and encourage everyone to want to go along to a place where they can meet other people, get support from one another, learn new skills, share skills and knowledge and have fun etc.

With so many of our young people feeling depressed and increasing loneliness in older people, I feel that this kind of facility would make a real difference.

Why the contribution is important

I feel that this would create a much needed boost in increasing community spirit in all areas and a change in attitudes that giving can be much better than getting.

This would also help reduce loneliness, depression and ill health both physical and mental and increase health and well being for so many people.

by Angfrew on December 09, 2015 at 09:27AM

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