Methadone, maintenance out of control.

Methadone was introduced as a substitute drug for recovering drug addicts who wanted the programme to come of drugs completely. Society as a whole has abused this, indirectly l must add, to control certain individual's behaviour to made them more compliant. In prisons it is used for control, GP's feel pressurised in issuing it, and care service providers also use it as a barginning tool to attract referrals.

It's a difficult nut to crack, as it's out of control. It may also end up costing the state a fortune in health claims. It only needs one individual to complain about being on methadone and the damage it has done to their organs and the flood gates will open.

Solution, everybody on this maintenance drug will be put on a sliding scale programme with an eventual finishing date. New addict introduced onto the methadone programme should only be on it for 6 weeks, as originally intended.



Why the contribution is important

To regain a lost generation addicted to methadone

by donaldmacdonald on February 02, 2016 at 12:41PM

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