Thyroid / Adrenal / Autoimmune Diagnosis and Treatment

There needs to be a huge improvement in how the NHS diagnose and treat people with autoimmune, thyroid and adrenal issues. This is a massive area which Lorraine Cleaver from Thyroid Petition Scotland is already talking to the Scottish Government about. People's health and voices are being neglected and ignored. The basic thyroid testing needs to improve to include levels other than the TSH eg T4 and T3. Cortisol and adrenal testing should also be available as these link to thyroid issues. Also patients with autoimmune diseases such as Hashimotos deserve more information and support than just being told their thyroid is going to fail one day! The levels at which medication is provided need to be rethought as do the levels at which patients receive a referral to an Endocronologist! It is also important to consider offering medications other than Levothyroxine which is known not to help a number of patients.

Why the contribution is important

Patients including myself are spending a fortune on our health: paying for private tests, seeing specialists, buying medication not available on the NHS. Patient's lives and health are severely impacted by these issues. People are suffering and often not able to take part in normal life. However when we attend the Doctor we are often told everything is 'normal' due to incorrect diagnosis made using TSH levels.

by Kitty on December 29, 2015 at 03:25PM

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