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To gain trust and engagement - of both individual citizens AND all the different public and private organisations - it's vital Scot Gov aligns the different policy / programme objectives under the major challenges facing Scotland: o The Coronavirus Pandemic / COVID-19 o The Climate and Ecological Emergency o The growing inequality experienced by so many Scots This does mean re-allocating traditional spend on 20th Century obsessions infrastructure projects like road building and airport expansion to measures which benefit human needs like home insulation street by street; but it also means killing off some sacred cows like Oil Exploration Licenses and The Market deciding how and where resources will be allocated. Move from taxing people to taxing Climate Bads. Move from measures which result in increase greenhouse gas emissions to those that reduce them

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We actually cannot have our cake and eat it. There needs to be some capture of the recently gained wealth and sharing it about to achieve a Fairer Scotland

by davidsomervell on June 18, 2021 at 06:56PM

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  • Posted by gary_white_stuff July 12, 2021 at 13:43

    The response to COVID as well as our ongoing climate and ecology efforts rely, significant, on the translation of scientific research and existing data sets into practical and efficient processes. The way in which research, particularly NHS run Clinical Research in our hospitals is structured and funded is dysfunctional - our Scottish clinical researchers are not incentivised in a sustainable way to encourage and nurture future innovation. Meaningful government consultation with industry and academia is required to enable disruptive, transformational change in the Scottish health research infrastructure.
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