Align spatial planning with Community Planning

There is productive potential in formally aligning the two processes of Community Planning and land-use planning.

As recommended by SURF, RTPI Scotland, CoSLA and others, integration could include sharing strategic visions, undertaking joint consultations, and collaborating on monitoring and review processes.


Why the contribution is important

Scotland’s statutory Community Planning framework provides a nationwide basis for cross-sector service prioritisation and coordination. It is the kind of high-level, strategic collaboration that a thoughtful taxpayer would expect to happen anyway.

As a practical concept, it stands in positive contrast to the lack of a similar cooperative leadership model in England and elsewhere. It does not, however, have any meaningful connection to the spatial planning system.

Alignment would provide both processes with additional value around community engagement, strategic collaboration and pro-active planning. In the context of public spending reductions, capitalising on this value becomes all the more desirable.

Further information is available in papers by SURF, RTPI Scotland and CoSLA.

by surf on February 05, 2016 at 09:40AM

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