Alter legislation to ensure time limits are on completion, not commencement.

The currentl legislation on planning concents places a time limit before which the developer must have started development, however it says nothing about completion.  The net result of this is that a developer need only do some small "material operation" and the time limit on the planning consent magically disappears whilst the site can be left empty for years.

If the time limit were for completion of the development rather than the commencment then it would have the intended effect.

Why the contribution is important

Current planning law allows a developer to obtain a permisssion, activate it with some miminal work, and then sit on that land at a massively increased value for years.  It can turn what is meant to be a development into a strategic holding against the interests of everyone except those who hold that land.

Also, removing this idea of planning permissions in perpetuity might encourage more realisitic estimates of time-scales.

It doesn't hurt developers who genuiely intend to proceed with their development but will avoid strategic holding of land.

by galois on January 30, 2016 at 07:23AM

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  • Posted by Stevep February 04, 2016 at 09:27

    would be near impossible to set the timescale - what would be suitable for a single house would be inappropriate for a 100-house scheme or a large complex building. Agree with the sentiment though and some redefinition of "material operations" may be a better way forward. I'm sure there are sites all over Scotland where investors (not developers) are holding onto land purely to gain from future increase in value
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