Cultural Change

The  Planning Officials

The planning process is currently hidebound by stifling bureaucracy and too much regulation .


The Industry

There are too many idle talking shops around planning, the same industry figures have been saying the same tired messages to the same planning officials around the same poor levels of performance without achieving any significant change or improvement in the relationship between the regulators and investors in the planning system.

Why the contribution is important

The Planning Officials

The mindset of Planning Officials needs to be changed by encouraging a culture of more pragmatic administration that promotes and facilitates development and encourages fresh investment in our economy.

The Industry

Homes for Scotland also needs to review its approach and take a more positive lead by creating a culture of more positive engagement within its membership that actually drives results. The industry body also needs to be quicker to recognise and praise any positive change that may occur.Recognition of improvement is vital as it will build bridges with regulatory colleagues who are constantly under fire from investors and the general public.

by Andypearson on February 29, 2016 at 11:53AM

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