Cumulative effect of developments

All developments must not be looked at in isolation but the total number of planned developments within an area has to be taken into consideration. This should result in infrastructure being looked at before any development is given the go ahead.

Why the contribution is important

Infrastructure should be priority - this would give communities faith that they are being thought about and not ignored.

by Eagle87 on January 27, 2016 at 06:22PM

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  • Posted by KorenCalder January 28, 2016 at 09:34

    No planning of new housing development should be agreed with out the builder/developer financially contributing to supporting the building of the infra structure of the surrounding area i.e. due to the increased population that will be living in the new homes and the inevitable knock on pressure on existing surrounding roads, bus services, schools etc, builders/ developers should be required to substantially contribute to the supporting infra structure too as well as the build itself. In addition they must be required to also generate and pay for alternative green park land for the area etc - especially if there is a new building development planned for a green space site or green belt sites and not brown sites (as has happened on Craiglochart Hill!!) the builders must be required to financially contribute to all these other services and not leave it to tax payers! If they do not agree to this then they are not given planning permission. Also if they do not agree and cannot replace the green space with alternative green space it really does suggests that it is then not a suitable place to be building new homes! The planning terms and conditions should include what is a realistic number of people that can live healthily and sustain-ably in each potential housing area to be developed. Planning consents should consider always the health problems incurred by people living in areas where there is a reduced amount of green space around where people live! If per head there is not a quota of green for each person then the planning should be turned down.
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