Importance of Conservation Areas in Scotland

I find it increasingly frustrating and extremely dissapointing that Planning Departments recommendations on Window Replacement Applications are over ruled by Councellors with no or little appreciation or consultation with their own Conservation Planning Officers. Why appoint such Planning Officers and then over rule their professional recommendation. What point is there in allowing and having Conservation Areas and then ovewr rule the policing of such areas?

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Degradation of the appearance of Conservation Areas.

by MartinPRichardson on February 17, 2016 at 11:52PM

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  • Posted by SimonB February 19, 2016 at 11:29

    Policy guidelines, professional recommendations and enforcement have all been undermined and sacrificed in the current economic climate, precipitated by the chicanery of the global banking system and an affront to the notion of genuine democracy, upholding the principles of public office, as defined by the Committee on Standards in Public Life (Nolan Report), which states that holders of public office MUST “act solely in terms of the public interest”.
  • Posted by bd79og February 20, 2016 at 11:24

    Many buildings in conservation areas already have ugly and inappropriate window replacements, the need and cost of applying for planning to improve these means they are likely to stay. It would be good if the planning system allowed homeowners especially those in conservation areas to discuss their plans informally with the planing officers and be assured that sympathetic changes could be stamped "permitted development" so that their money and time could be spent sourcing and paying for windows which will improve the property and go some way to satisfying the conflict between improved thermal performance for building regulations and planners need to preserve a historic "look". At the moment the homeowner needing to replace a few thermally inefficient poor condition windows has to pay a considerable amount for fees / drawings / etc. to attempt to satisfy both planners and building regulations and may easily find that the imposed conditions means that the work becomes too expensive to carry out so the temptation simply to replace a window with no permission or consultation is great and our conservation areas suffer as a result whether it is from plastic windows or abandoned neglected buildings which no one can afford to keep in good repair and satisfy planners.
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