Inclusion in the Local Plans should give PPP

Once a site is included in the Local Plan it should have Planning Permission in Principle.  This would engage local communities at the start of the process: too often local communities are not interested in the local plan and don't engage.  Get the fighting over at the start!

This would have 2 benefits:-

1)  Local communities would be involved at the beginning and

2) Once a site was included in the Local Plan it would save time for the planning process - the planning authority and developers would not have to spend time challenging rearguard actions from objectors.


Why the contribution is important

It would have the double benefit of involving communities when they can make a difference and it would speed planning permission once a site had been included.

AND it should have the effect of allowing planning authorities time to concentrate on the quality of a development.

by carorc on January 29, 2016 at 03:40PM

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  • Posted by kdonnelly February 03, 2016 at 14:58

    Agree- I also think it is important as it will enable developers to put in proposals to meet housing shortfalls, and generally encourage more development (which is much needed!) in Scotland.
  • Posted by BKerrSmith February 13, 2016 at 16:42

    This proposal would result in local communities having to consider, in detail, every potential development site within the already inadequate time frame of the LDP consultation process. Even for sites that might never attract a developer's interest. As we are talking about the efforts of members of the communities and unpaid volunteers who have other jobs and responsibilities to attend to, it seems particularly wasteful to suggest that they should spend valuable time at this stage. It is much more appropriate to review proposals when they exist, rather than when they are no more than potentials.

    I seriously doubt that local authorities will spend any time considering quality, when their job is simply to ensure compliance, no matter how much time might be saved by this suggestion.
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