Increase the number of use-classes to tackle "clone-town" high-streets.

Proposals have been made in the past for extra, specific use-classes in order to give councils the power to manage development on high-streets more effectively. New use classes could include: 

  • Betting shops and/or shops with Fixed Odds Betting Terminals
  • Payday loan shops
  • Chain stores.


Why the contribution is important

Local residents and public officials are often powerless to control new developments that do not require a change of use. 

If planning authorities had the ability to regulate these uses, then more could be done to support diversity on our high streets and respond to the democratic concerns of local residents.

And of course, to those people who might argue that this could deter investment in some places - councils would be under no obligation to use these new powers.



by allytibbitt on February 04, 2016 at 12:28PM

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