The planning system is so far removed from the ability to deliver strategic infrastructure that we need to stop pretending that it is reasonable to base decisions on future infrastructure. How many developments are there around the country that are based on the delivery of a new rail route or even just a halt. It sounds great until you realise that even if the developers pays for the rail halt there is little chance the train will actually stop. The same applies for buses, it's just crazy to think that the publically subsidised bus service/route could possibly be diverted to pick up more passengers!

We need to be much more realistic about what the infrastructure is for. It is all very well allowing the expansion of satellite towns around cities based on "good" access to public transport but this is to fail to understand how many journeys are made and what they are for. I would estimate that there are thousands of people in satellite towns who commute using public transport but do almost all of their other journeys by car because public transport does not meet their needs, I know I do.

Where there is good sustainable transport we need to use the land around much more efficiently. This is where we need to put the high intensity uses not low density housing! This is a complete waste of existing infrastructure and something we cannot afford to do. 

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There is little prospect of significant improvements to infrastructure therefore we need to use the existing infrastructure much more efficiently. 

by Redfox on February 03, 2016 at 04:58PM

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  • Posted by irc February 21, 2016 at 16:26

    I totally support this argument and there is a great need to get back to basic principles of making best use of existing resources. Unfortunately the strategic planning approach was weakened many years ago & once housing dispersal becomes the norm then the car becomes the mode of choice or necessity for many.
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