Interaction between planners,councillors & developers

UNESCO's report on planning makes a direct appeal to the UK government to review the planning system in Edinbugh. (cf Evening Times 25th February 2016) to safeguard the heritage.

The problem is widespread in Scotland.  The review should take account of this recommendation.

The article also points out that short term economic advantage outweighs all other considerations, at the expense of social and environmental matters. This is damaging.  It is the longer term which needs to be foremost in planning.

It advocates reports independent of developers going straight to planners.

Is this another case for:-

a) The Scottish Government following Canada in funding such reports (to originate from planners' requests ) ?

b) Environmental courts?

c) Community right of appeal to equalise the system and correct clear or blatant errors?

d) Reviewing the relationship of planners, councillors and developers?


Why the contribution is important

The built and natural  environments are subject to inappropriate pressures from developers which the legal and planning systems are ill-equipped to resist.

The government and local authorities are often too supportive of perceived, short-term economic benefit without regard for other consequences. This has consequences for the future.

The protective element of planning can be too easily ignored.

by jeancharsley on February 29, 2016 at 04:47PM

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