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More account should be taken of local feedback and opinion. Pointless trying to get communities involved if feedback is ignored in favour of developers. We are currently fighting a development that has been repeatedly turned down by local planning department and has had hundreds of objections submitted on numerous occasions. Developers just keep making small alterations and resubmitting revised plans. Makes a total mockery of having a planning procedure and is extremely costly both in terms of cash and time.

Local communities take pride in their areas and should be encouraged in every way to develop stronger ties and become more self sufficient. Central Government should be helping to develop and support this important commumity ethos.

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If you ignore the will and wishes of local communities you destroy the work and committment of dozens of voluntary organisations that are improving the lives of towns and villages accross Scotland every day. Eventually people give up trying to improve their area and either move on or devote their efforts to personal aims and leave Central Government to get on with it.

by petetyrrell on February 07, 2016 at 04:33PM

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  • Posted by switcheroo February 08, 2016 at 20:57

    Is the development included in the local plan? Many of the cases which I read about, where people are against development, could have been averted had they engaged at an earlier stage in the process as they were supposed to.

    Not intended to be a slight to yourself, rather just curious.
  • Posted by raedrenn February 19, 2016 at 17:42

    I find the main issue is Local Authority desicions being overturned by Scottish Government, who have quotas to fill and don't care at what expense.
  • Posted by BW February 25, 2016 at 19:40

    This raises the issue of the DPEA being an undemocratic unelected quango operating under the control of central government in Holyrood. The reporters are appointed by and under the thumb of Scottish Ministers and are just agents driving often illogical, badly conceived, arbitrary targets. The reporters hide behind relative anonymity and are not accountable to the public who suffer from their decisions. Many local authorities openly admit to consenting applications which they know should be refused planning permission but they know the applicants will immediately appeal, get their developments consented and claim compensation from the authority. This is not fair open, balanced and democratic government it is a dictatorship. On the other side of the coin the general public have no avenues for appeal apart from the ombudsman or the expensive and time consuming courts.
    The current planning system gives all the advantages to the developer, pays lots of attention to statutory consultees but pays nothing but token lip service to the concerns and wishes of the general public who are directly affected by the development. That is why the public feel disenfranchised and excluded from the planning system.
  • Posted by DavidLong February 26, 2016 at 11:42

    Our village has just been through the most undemocratic planning process we could have ever imagined. Our objections to a large planning application might as well not have been submitted as despite a valid string of objections the phrase of "not a material consideration" was given to virtually all of them. Despite an overwhelming majority of the resident population not wanting the development every objection we raised was considered not relevant. The planning applications, which came in dribs and drabs, so that we had little idea of what the whole picture would be until the later stages of our battle with Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park planning department , consisted of a luxury 7 bedroomed hunting lodge (this description is refuted by the applicant despite 24/7 shooting deer and the intention to continue to do so). a 3 bedroomed managers house, an enormous barn type building on one site. a quarry and a permanent jetty, meaning the village was surrounded by all these developments.
    We are a small quiet little village on the banks of Loch Goil in Argyll who wished to remain just that, but an extremely rich, to be, absent landlord had other ideas and as our objection process evolved it became blatantly obvious that the odds were stacked against us.
    At times L.L&T.N.P so called democratic process turned into a farce with papers disallowed for no genuine reason, procedures in our opinion blatantly ignored and comments across the committee table which in any other forum would have been labelled as totally out of order.
    We the, residents are the only people who will have to live with this decision, with some of the problems raised during our objection already rearing their ugly head.
    The L.L.&T.N.P literature and the national planning guidelines both advise applicants of major planning application that it is good practice to consult with local communities but of course this was not the case as it is not a legal requirement.
    The whole process has brought a depressing atmosphere over the entire village and when the project is completed it will be a permanent reminder of something we never wanted.
    There has to be a more democratic way of proceeding with such matters, as our village is constantly changing, and tourist related businesses have been set up here, but such large developments with absentee landlords and no benefits for the village should not be allowed to steam-roller over locals wishes when they are the majority.
    The National Park was put in place to protect us, the people who lived here before it was set up, but in fact it is doing just the opposite. As I/We have discovered like so many other people the system is heavily stacked in favour of what the rich and influential applicant wants not what is good for the residents.
  • Posted by kb21182 February 28, 2016 at 20:00

    I complete agree with BW's comments - and summaries very accurately the position our local community finds itself in.No faith in the system as it stands.
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