National Validation Standards

The components of a Planning Application should be based on consistency - at present there are based on local criteria and experience.  A more standardised process shall benefit the developer, public, consultees and local authority. 

Opportunity exists to create a set of National Validation Standards (work has begun by Heads of Planning Scotland) based on development type.  This would ‘level the playing field’ and all parties would up front know what level of information and scrutiny is required. 

Given the increasing move to online submissions (paperless office) there would be no reason why ‘hub validation’ (1 validation office for numerous Councils - natioanl validation) could not be developed. 

Why the contribution is important

Frequently, agents / architects can be asked for different supplementary information for identical developments depending which Local Authority they are dealing with.  Similarly, a benchmark must be set for architects / agents in terms of quality of their plans, elevations, location plans and key dimensions.  Increasing the quality and consistency of requirements will remove ambiguity from the decision making process, reduce requests for further information (delays) and improve the overall assessment.  The timescale for validation and determination timescales overall are likely to be reduced. 

by RMcL on February 02, 2016 at 02:34PM

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  • Posted by DJJ February 03, 2016 at 13:32

    Failure to submit essential information at the time of submission should lead to the application being returned as invalid. An EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) application without an EIA is pointless as there is no way for it to be realistically progressed, let alone determined. The same goes for Transport Assessments. These should be fundamental to the design of the scheme, not an afterthought. For major applications the list of essential information could be determined during the pre-application notice period. There would be occasions where something is identified during the determination process but this will reduce the scope for everyone's advantage.
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